Where Do You Buy Art Online

Where Do You Buy Art Online?

The new “normal” is upon us – now, everything can be done online, be it work, parties, concerts or purchases. It is perfect in these times we’re going through with social distance, and health concerns. Because of that, many industries had to adapt and create online commerce. One of the many sectors of society which was affected was the art business market.

For the consumer of art, when the usual process of seeing new types of art, in expositions or auctions, was changed to an online method, things shifted. But online art commerce should be as easy as searching on Amazon for a paper towel, or any other item. These new online platforms provide a new way of consuming art. Yes, you have some differences when going to buy artwork, but you just need to pay attention to some details when you are searching for a new piece for your living room.

First, start by looking for the most well-reviewed website. In most of the cases, the oldest websites have a little advantage by having a loyal user base and a steady position on the market. You should also always make sure that every place where you buy art comes with a “Certificate of Authenticity”. This document is nothing more than a universal way to ensure to you, as a consumer, the authenticity of the items that you wish to buy. Beyond that, just follow the same steps as you would do in any online commerce, that is, always analyze the shipment conditions and the insurance if anything happens to your art.

Thinking about those precautions, we figured out a list of places where you can easily buy artwork for your desire. Take a look at these top picks:

Saatchi Art

If variety is what you’ve been looking for, this is the place to go for it. Since 2006, Saatchi is known for having over 100.000 items, from original paintings, photographs, and drawings, all the way to sculptures, making it the largest online art gallery, with an unparalleled selection of art created by artists from around the world, suiting all budgets, styles, and spaces. The website also has a weekly collection which promotes a new artist and represents the evolution of art. For its biggest quality, Saatchi offers the 7-day 100% money-back guarantee, which allows you to return your product if it doesn’t satisfy your liking.


Artspace has established itself as one of the biggest names on the market. The website started in 2011 and rapidly expanded, putting new and well-known artists on the art catalogue’s spotlight. Artspace also organizes auctions, quarterly, with high-quality artworks for those who like the exigence of an art auction. Of course, while always keeping the confidentiality of the consumers secure.

Prices can start as low as $20, for those who are looking for a budget piece of art, climbing all the way to $200,000, for those who money is not a concern, even though prices usually stay under $5,000.


Do you live in a remote place, where shipping is expensive? If that’s the case, UGallery it’s your go-to place. Launched in 2006, when the online business was only in its first steps, this online art gallery started with a small collection of twenty-five original artworks made by only five artists. As the times went by, UGallery showed a steady growth increasing their gallery to over one hundred artists collections from all over the world, offering a variety of prints, photographs and sculptures. Prices start at $100 going to a thousand, offering free shipping to all products listed on their website.

Amazon Art

Surely, you already know this name, and probably you have already bought something there, but you have never noticed this section of the website. Created as a separated art division of the big and well-known retailer, Amazon Arts has the advantage of sharing the same facilities and the casual understanding of the website. Featuring the same platform as the mother company, it also brings the benefits of Amazon, such as the galleries shipping to customers directly, and very often free of charge, while offering a search option, much more efficient than any other competitor. Their variety contains selected galleries of original and limited editions of well-known artists, for a price tag going from $25 to hundreds of dollars.

Final Thoughts

From paper towels to higher-priced items, such as cars, the world is becoming more and more digital. But evolution is necessary, and we need to integrate ourselves into this new “normal”, while never stopping to consume art. Hope we could illustrate where and how to buy art online, safely, so thanks for reading!

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