How to Start an Art Gallery

How to Start an Art Gallery

It’s incredible how art plays such a distinctive role in our society. A single piece of art can trigger emotions, connect different thoughts, explore our perceptions and stimulate creativity, like nothing else. To prove that, art keeps on, vividly, in our society, through the galleries, concerts and theatres, but how can you keep exposing art to the world? As an art gallery owner, you will have the opportunity to show artwork and keep this spirit alive. But, sadly, such a thing is not that simple as it looks. Luckily, here are the crucial steps required to open an art gallery:

Getting Started

First, we need to make things clear – if art is not your passion, this is not for you. You will need to dedicate hours and energy to focus on gathering information about art until you become a specialist in the different types you are considering showing in your art gallery. That’s because it is you, and only you, that will demonstrate all the enthusiasm and knowledge to convince people to buy or expose in your gallery.

Now, before you step forward, you need to know exactly what you are stepping into. So, you will need to search for information about the industry. Get to know other galleries, research about artists, meet new and old people connected to art in general, who are willing to evolve in their career. It’s extremely important for you to know the exact type of gallery that is missing in your location, and to explore a different audience which can identify with your gallery.

Financial Part

This part is all about the money… Now, things get serious, and you need to be clear of the challenges of owning a gallery. Usually, galleries take about 5 years to establish themselves in the business. Knowing that, before opening a gallery, you need to prepare a business plan with all the demands that this business asks for. Know exactly which way you will commission the artists, and what is going to be the best way for your gallery to make money, before you hire any employer. Never forget to create a supporting plan for your business. In this type of industry, the prices are unstable, so always prepare yourself for the worst, mainly when your commissions do not surpass your expenses.

Building Your Place

Here, you need to find a perfect combo – good location, with a minimalist layout. First, always try to find a popular place.  Face it, we are all kind of lazy, and we will always prefer a central city spot. Distant neighborhoods can move buyers away from your gallery.

The second part in the combo is to create a space which has some design priorities! Always remember to have a place with easy access and great accommodating layout. The importance of a good interior is to be as minimal as possible. The focus of your gallery should be in the art itself, not on your place, so avoid distracting people. Make sure that your gallery offers proper space to show art pieces. If possible, you can always rent your location to new artists for photo or film shoots, events and meetings.

Getting Connected

You need to be in every place, not only physically, but also digitally. In that way, you will use new tools, like social media, that can spread your gallery information, as well as artist features, in order to grow your marketing section. Also, creating network opportunities to promote your gallery, like meeting new artists, producers or any people from outside of the art world, is of the utmost importance.

Opening Night

All of the steps above culminate to this night – the opening night. The objective here is to set the first message, and see how the community will embrace the artists’ work.. Create a fun and joyful time for people and always let them know that your artwork is for sale. Put some food, drink, and music to encourage them to mingle and to see the art, while never forgetting to use this night to expand your network. Make sure to invite the ones who can get you new connections, introducing your gallery to potential buyers and local leaders to spread the reach of your gallery and lastly, always give a warm greeting. It’s how the phrase goes: “The first impression is the last impression”.

Share Your Art With the World

The journey for a gallery manager can be a challenge. Keeping your gallery relevant is the only secret, until you can create a solid base of buyers. Never forget to be passionate about what made you start it all. Remember, you are keeping the art spirit alive, in this world. Hope you enjoyed the reading!

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