How to Choose your own Fashion Style

How to Choose your own Fashion Style

We all live and experience fashion in our own way. Our own style is a way of telling the world who we are, our personal business card. But choosing a style that truly represents our personality is not always easy. And too often, we accept what our favorite brands offer, without thinking that perhaps it’s not really us.

So, how can we make sure to choose the style that represents us the most? Simple, we first need to know the main features of the most popular styles of fashion, until we find the one that suits us best. And we are here to help you just with that.

  1. The Glam style

With Glam, we mean a style of dressing that is charming, luxurious, and fashionable. Classic cut dresses and tallieurs with modern details and diamonds, no prints but deep colors, and elegant fabrics. You don’t have to spend a fortune to be glamorous and classy at the same time. Some of the must-have accessories for a glam look are clutch bags, trench coats, and shiny jewels.

  1. The Sporty Glam style

What if you are a charming and fashionable person, a true member of the Glam style, but you want to add a touch a casual? The solution is right under your nose and it’s the Sporty Glam style. A combination of the elegance of classic garments such as the suit with sports clothing and accessories such as sneakers. But also, classic long jackets combined with jeans and maxi bags. The perfect mix between casual and elegance.

  1. The Bohemian or Boho Chick style

The word Boho derives from the French word Bohoeme, which indicated unconventional and marginalized artists in the 19th century. The Boho chic begins in the 70s, along with the hippy movement, and is a romantic style originating from France. As a fashion trend, it was born in the 21st century, through to the reinterpretation of many models and actresses. It is a style typical of warm seasons such as spring and summer. Why? Because lightness is its main characteristic. Fluttering skirts and dresses with floral prints and earthy colors; flared jeans, country-style vests, or light-colored tunics combined with flat sandals and typical boho jewelry. Only for truly unconventional people.

  1. The Vintage style

In the beginning, it was the famous actresses, then the markets and small shops that had appeared in all the cities. But let’s be clear: vintage is not a precise style and is not only for clothing addicts. It is a set of trends, of special pieces that are part of the history of fashion, of quickly recognizable items that simply make an impact. It’s pieces that never go unnoticed, not because they are eccentric or over the top, but for a much more important reason: they remind us of an era, a look, a larger than life woman.

Looking at old family photos, have you ever been caught by a particular accessory? Or have you noticed a bracelet that even in black and gives a new light to the whole figure? Think about Audrey Hepburn, her unparalleled and exquisite taste. Have you ever dreamed of having at least an inch of her revolutionary style and charm? If your answer is “yes”, to any of the questions above, vintage is simply your style.

  1. The Bon Ton style

Bon ton is a sweet style, in clear contrast with more aggressive styles such as punk or punk rock styles. Easy to wear for every woman, it is characterized by soft and romantic lines, natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, linen, and silk. One of its main features is the use of light and pastel colors, together with floral and nature-inspired colors. But most importantly, Bon Ton is for women of any age. So, if you have a sweet and caring heart, that’s your answer.

  1. The Punk Rock Style

Last but not least, something more aggressive: Punk Rock, the style of artists and musicians of the 80s. Featuring leather garments and mostly black accessories, its use in recent years has drastically increased. And don’t be deceived, despite its aggressive nature, Punk Rock can also be very feminine. How? With black skirts and leather pants, paired with high, eccentric heels. If you feel like you want to scream your personality out loud, this is the style for you.

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